I went to watch the Lancashire Fell Championships yesterday. Or at least the Junior races held before the adults race. I have to declare an interest, as my daughter was racing in the U12 Girls hoping to add the Fell title to her Cross Country title earlier in the year.

I love the atmosphere around Junior fell racing. The kids are competitive when the gun goes for sure, but most of the time are just mucking about, enjoying being outdoors and just being, well kids. My daughter is no exception, valuing being around her Clayton team mates as much, if not more than the positive feedback she gets from the running and competing itself. And that’s how it should be –  a relaxed trip out to some great countryside with a bit of a run thrown in for good measure. Their attitude is a good lesson for us adults, or at least those at risk of taking it a bit too seriously. And it provides me with inspiration – not all of us are race winners but we can all win by getting stuck in at what ever level we bring to the race and persevering through to the finish.

My daughter had a good run too, on a tough course with a long climb out of Sabden up toward Deerstones on Pendle Hill, and straight back down again. The field wasn’t big which was a shame, the fixture possibly falling foul of an Easter Monday date, but she was first home and a win is a win. Particularly when backed up with a proper medal and a big shiny cup to take home for the next 12 months.



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