Throughout December 2016, I’m going to be undertaking/running the #256CHALLENGE to raise awareness and funds for M3 Project.

M3 is the homelessness project, working with young people and teenage parents, that I have been managing since 2003. Based in Rawtenstall, East Lancashire, the project supports single young homeless in a unique supported lodgings scheme, and homeless teenage families (single parents and couples) in an equally unique supported accommodation scheme.

In common with many vital services funded by local authorities across the country, austerity measures taken by central government are biting hard and, along with almost all  the other accommodation services for vulnerable people in Lancashire, the project is losing most if not all of its local authority funding in 2017. All is not lost, as we have been working hard to fund our services for vulnerable young people from a variety of new sources and are confident that we will maintain our provision into 2017 and beyond. However, fundraising activities will be a part of that new funding arrangement and this is where the #256CHALLENGE, forming the mainstay of M3’s Christmas 2016 Appeal fits in.



  • What is the #256CHALLENGE?
    • The #256CHALLENGE is a running challenge where you run every day in December. But there’s a twist…


  • How far is it?
      • It totals 256 miles for the month but with the biggest mileage coming in the week 12-18th December at a whopping 99 miles!


  • How does it work?
      • For the first 16 days of December you run the miles that correspond to the day. 1 mile on the 1st, 2 on the 2nd, 3 on the 3rd and so on to the 16th with a chunky 16 miles…
      • On the 17th you go back down – 15, 14, 13, 12 and so on to a final 1 mile run on New Years Eve. And a well earned rest!


    Yes I’m a fairly fit runner, some might say a keen runner, but its a fairly chunky undertaking, especially in the middle of the month when the days are short, the weather probably bad and there’s 99 miles to run in one week…

    Through the month I’ll be blogging about homelessness and the issues facing young people who become homeless, as well as posting Strava proof that I’m out there running. So, if you want to point and laugh as I struggle, as well as learn about how homelessness affects young people, bookmark http://m3project256.tumblr.com/

    Alternatively, if you want to help or get involved..


    Come and run a mile (or more) with me. Just bring a £1 donation and run off those pre-Christmas mince pies. Look out for dates and times here, throughout December.

    Spread the word!

    Share the details of this challenge with your friends, family and social media contacts. We’re raising awareness about youth homelessness as well as about M3 Project so your support is vital.


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