T-6 days for the #256CHALLENGE


Final training/obsessing/fretting for the #256 is in full swing with a week to go. How does one prepare to run ever greater distance for 16 days and then hang in there whilst it becomes more manageable? I’m not sure so I’ve just tried to run big blocks of days without rest throughout October and November. Not necessarily long days per se, as the actual distance even on the longest day isn’t too bad, it’s the cumulative fatigue that is worrying me. I’ve also done lots of climbing up and down the local moors. Why climbing? I’ve no idea – it just feels productive and has built some good leg strength that will hopefully be useful when plodding out the miles at a slower speed. Some gym work too at MT3 Fitness, hopefully that will pay dividends when things get tougher and fatigue sets in.


To put together the finishing touches, I have a tough weekend in store with a cross-country race on Saturday and a 4hr mini mountain marathon fell/navigation event on Sunday. Then a few days rest, get my recovery routines sorted in terms of nutrition, self-care, physio and get the Christmas shopping done online to save weary legs.

Bring it on.

Click here to take you to M3 Project’s dedicated #256CHALLENGE donations page

For further information on M3 Project click here

Thank you!


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